Ordered a PLB

Posted by: roberttheiii

Ordered a PLB - 04/29/19 12:06 PM

I ordered an Ocean Rescue RescueME PLB1 over the weekend from REI. I'm quite excited. It will mostly live in my Spinlock Deckvest for sailboat racing, but I'm sure I'll periodically bring it camping and on other adventures. I just had to share the exciting news with someone (other than my boat mates and my SO who were all like "meh").
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Re: Ordered a PLB - 04/29/19 12:33 PM

Posted by: Phaedrus

Re: Ordered a PLB - 04/29/19 07:54 PM

Nice pickup!
Posted by: roberttheiii

Re: Ordered a PLB - 05/02/19 01:20 PM

Thanks! I received it in the mail last night and I registered it with NOAA. Now I guess I'm just waiting for a proof of registration sticker and then it'll be affixed to my life jacket for an upcoming overnight sailboat race.
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Re: Ordered a PLB - 05/04/19 01:26 AM

Nice! I found one on sale last year and finally picked one up too, it's really nice to have that peace of mind. I don't do a whole lot of adventurous stuff, but I'm definitely glad to have it in the toolbox