REIís Backpacking Checklist

Posted by: Russ

REIís Backpacking Checklist - 04/24/19 01:07 PM

I received another email from REI today pointing to REIís Backpacking Checklist. I appreciate good checklists so the article was immediately of interest. It seems like a worthwhile item for discussion, even if many items seem so obvious. The link below has a further link to REI's Ten Essentials

Backpacking Gear List: What to Bring on a Backpacking Trip - REI Expert Advice Are there any not-so-obvious items that could be added?
Posted by: hikermor

Re: REIís Backpacking Checklist - 04/24/19 02:13 PM

Looks like a pretty decent basic list. i would only suggest that one consider the terrain to be covered. I have been in situations where basic climbing gear was carried, and used. Similarly, there are backpackable water craft which could be useful - no experience with those.

Their discussion of the Ten Essentials is extremely useful.
Posted by: clearwater

Re: REIís Backpacking Checklist - 04/25/19 04:53 PM

For short trips I would leave a lot of that stuff behind.

For long trips I would leave a lot of that stuff behind.

In a large group, I would probably bring it all, but spread it out among hikers. There would be a greater chance that someone in the group might need a repair item etc and spreading out the weight would help keep packs light.

For a group, I would include some bailing wire and an awl for boot repair. (If boots are used).

For a proper bear hang, you should have more than 50 ft of cord. I bring two 65' pieces of ultralight cord for the counterbalance with retrieval cord method. 50' is okay if all you are trying to do is avoid a ticket from the ranger. If you are really interested in keeping food from bears it take more work and gear. Canisters are a huge time saver.

A sump screen to keep food debris away from critters.

A firearm in grizzly country along with the bear spray if you have an attack in wind or inside a tent.
Posted by: hikermor

Re: REIís Backpacking Checklist - 04/25/19 05:51 PM

To quote from the REI site:

"This checklist is deliberately comprehensive and intended for trips in the backcountry where being self-sufficient is important to your well-being. Backpacking planning requires you to balance keeping pack weight low with ensuring you have the essentials you need for your particular trip."

I would be careful about depending too much upon the "group." Some groups are very cohesive and work together well in an emergency and others are just an accumulation of various individuals.

I have seen a fair number of SAR operations triggered when a person is separated from the group, more or less equipped and informed. Andthen the fun begins....

Do have a reason for wht you drap along, but just because the FAK or climbing gear didn't get used on that trip doesn't mean necessarily that it should be left behind. Some things, when you need them, you really need them