Global Bushcraft Symposium

Posted by: BruceZed

Global Bushcraft Symposium - 04/23/19 01:15 AM

Just in case you have not been following the "Global Bushcraft Symposium" is being run just north of Calgary, Canada on June 10th till 14th 2019. Speakers include the best survival and bushcraft instructors including Mors Kochanski, Lars Falt, David Wescott, Paul Kirtley, Les Stroud and dozens of others.

This is a not to be missed event if you are a Survival or Bushcraft Instructor or have any want to improve your skills by learning form and interacting with most of the best Instructors in the world.

This really is a once in a decade event and it should be fantastic. I will be out teaching at the Shelter Camp.

Easily registration discount is available until the end of April and accommodations can be at the Camp or camping.

Global Bushcraft Symposium
Posted by: Phaedrus

Re: Global Bushcraft Symposium - 04/23/19 02:32 AM

Very cool! I saw a teaser video promoting it.
Posted by: hikermor

Re: Global Bushcraft Symposium - 04/23/19 01:27 PM

Oh dear! This seems just a bit over the top...What is next? Academic departments offering majors in Bushcraft/Survival with emphasis on ad hoc fire construction?

Bushcraft and Survival is an "industry"?? Where do I buy shares of General Bushcraft??

I'll admit the session on Bushcraft and Archaeology sounds intriguing. After all, archaeologists do study primitive techniques and earn academic honors in doing so...

Still, sounds like fun. But where are the sessions on desert survival? survival at sea?
Posted by: BruceZed

Re: Global Bushcraft Symposium - 04/23/19 05:21 PM

No Sea or Jungle, just Just Northern Temperate survival as that is what most of the Professional Survival or Bushcraft Instructors in Canada, US, UK and Sweden specializes in. Their are plenty of Desert instructors like Dave Westcott coming.

There are no shares in this conference, as no one is making any money running or appearing at the GBS, its a non-profit run only to allow us to pay some of the travel costs of the speakers need to travel from else where.

Professional survival and bushcraft teaching is an industry, I have made a living at it for 25 years so far and this conference is a way of us giving back and honoring the masters who taught us like Mors Kochanski, Dave Westcott and Lars Feld.
Posted by: chaosmagnet

Re: Global Bushcraft Symposium - 04/24/19 12:23 AM

Iím sorry I wonít be able to make it. I hope youíll write us a review!
Posted by: hikermor

Re: Global Bushcraft Symposium - 04/24/19 02:05 PM

Bruce, my apologies for a post that on reflection is just a bit too snarkey. There are indeed some worthwhile subjects discussed at the symposium.

Still, I roll my eyes at items like "Decision Making Model in Survival" or "Bushcraft as a pattern to male initiation". Why in the world would anyone want to throw a hatchet? - looks like a really good way to lose or damage a useful tool/

I suppose "bushcraft" is a perfectly harmless pastime, and indeed, it blends into experimental archaeology and provides worthwhile insights into the past. Survival requires the ability to improvise and adapt, using whatever technology is available and appropriate. When I am climbing, I prefer the very latest high tech rope, not some random jungle vine

I I were to attend, I would likely catch your presentation of Super Shelters - they look like a pretty nifty way to get comfortable.
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Re: Global Bushcraft Symposium - 04/24/19 02:34 PM

Hatchet throwing -- which I haven't tried yet -- looks pretty cool to me for recreation. Like archery, target shooting, knife throwing, and so on, there are martial as well as other aspects to it that people find enjoyable.

Many years of enjoyment in competitive shooting may have biased my opinion on this point laugh.
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Re: Global Bushcraft Symposium - 04/24/19 04:35 PM

No problem buddy, I seem to have a shorter fuzz myself lately