Blood Donation

Posted by: hikermor

Blood Donation - 11/30/17 04:38 AM

It's that time of year again. Around the holidays, the need for blood increases and donations slacken, leading to a chronic shortage. Consider donating - the stuff is highly useful and there is no substitute.

I am a regular donor - just gave yesterday. There is nothing I do that is as easy and yet so useful.
Posted by: Bingley

Re: Blood Donation - 11/30/17 04:56 AM

You've convinced me! I'll share a pint of my super awesome red ale...
Posted by: leemann

Re: Blood Donation - 11/30/17 06:31 AM

I would if I could but cannot due to a blood disorder had a replacement at birth and 2 transfusions.
Posted by: Jesselp

Re: Blood Donation - 12/01/17 02:51 PM

Thanks for the reminder.

Unfortunately, my version of a "life well lived" means that I often travel to places that knock me out of being an eligible donor for a year or so.

I'll be good to give again this January!
Posted by: hikermor

Re: Blood Donation - 12/01/17 04:22 PM

Yeah, being a homebody helps....I am intrigued at how the eligibility questionnaire has expanded since the "good old days"..., especially with foreign travel, AIDS, and mad cow disease.

Leemann, sorry to hear of your rough beginning. But your situation is precisely why donation by those eligible is so important. It is interesting that only 3% or so of those who are eligible do donate. If that percentage increased only slightly, we would be swimming in blood (probably not a good idea at that...)

Bingley, how did it go? How were the post donation snacks. I get really good popcorn...
Posted by: Bingley

Re: Blood Donation - 12/04/17 04:33 AM

It appears I, too, have done too much traveling to donate, if my interpretation of the rules I find online is correct. However, I understand the person on site has the final authority, so I may still go and give it a shot.