Happy 2014!

Posted by: Blast

Happy 2014! - 01/01/14 08:08 AM

Congratulations everyone, we made it through 2013. May nothing we've talked about here on ETS be needed in 2014!!

Uh, except the stoves. And knives. And flashlights. All that stuff is cool...
Okay, may none of us face an emergency in 2014!
-Blast, who survived another year's celebration with excessive fireworks and Shiner beer
Posted by: wildman800

Re: Happy 2014! - 01/01/14 11:08 AM

Happy New Year to all !!!!
Posted by: Bingley

Re: Happy 2014! - 01/01/14 11:11 AM

Good health to you all! May 2014 be a year of peace and prosperity for everyone!
Posted by: Doug_Ritter

Re: Happy 2014! - 01/01/14 03:11 PM

May you have success, enjoy good health and overcome all obstacles in 2014!
Posted by: benjammin

Re: Happy 2014! - 01/01/14 05:29 PM

Happy New Year everyone. Keep up the good work.
Posted by: Pete

Re: Happy 2014! - 01/01/14 06:33 PM

Wishing everyone a really happy and successful year in 2014.

Posted by: chaosmagnet

Re: Happy 2014! - 01/01/14 09:17 PM

Happy New Year to all!
Posted by: Phaedrus

Re: Happy 2014! - 01/01/14 09:43 PM

Happy 2014!
Posted by: MoBOB

Re: Happy 2014! - 01/02/14 05:50 AM

Happy 2014 to all!
Posted by: M_a_x

Re: Happy 2014! - 01/02/14 11:22 AM

Happy new year to all.
Special thanks to Doug Ritter for hosting this forum, to the moderators for the good job they do and last but not least to all the forum members who provided so much useful information.
Posted by: Mark_F

Re: Happy 2014! - 01/02/14 05:51 PM

Happy New Year everyone, make it a good one