Soto Muka Stove (OD-1NP) Video Review

Posted by: Hikin_Jim

Soto Muka Stove (OD-1NP) Video Review - 05/05/11 01:00 PM

I haven't done one of my stove reviews for a while (busy etc.), but here's a video review I shot of the new, high-tech Muka Stove (OD-1NP) from Japan. The Muka is an atomizing white gasoline stove. The Muka uses fairly high pressure combined with an air intake to create a "mist" of air and gasoline that a) does not require priming and b) burns very cleanly and hotly.

Also, according to Soto, the Muka will burn on unleaded automotive gasoline just as well as it will burn on white gasoline.

Anyway, have a look:

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Re: Soto Muka Stove (OD-1NP) Video Review - 05/05/11 01:52 PM

Thanks for a very thorough look at this new stove. I must admit I am really put off by the amount of pumping required. For the price of the stove ($170 by the time you purchase the required bottle), I (cheap type that I am) would expect it to be self assembling and self cooking, with a built in alarm to awake me when breakfast is ready...
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Re: Soto Muka Stove (OD-1NP) Video Review - 05/05/11 08:20 PM

On the plus side, it is a compact, lightweight, super-hot stove. I don't know of any other liquid fueled backpacking stove with this kind of output including an XGK, Omnifuel, or Nova.

I guess the time to pump and light on a Muka is about the same time as to pump, prime, and light on a typical liquid fueled stove. The pay off with the Muka is much higher output, and it's very clean burning. It'd also be nice in a tent not to have the potential fireball associated with priming a liquid fueled stove.

It's very nicely made. Their pump beats the heck out of an MSR pump in terms of build quality. They also say that unleaded auto gasoline can be burned just a cleanly as white gas, a valuable feature if true. I didn't have the opportunity to do long term testing with unleaded.

The air purge feature is also nice. If you've ever dribbled white gas out of a stove's fuel line after disconnecting, you'll appreciate the purge feature.