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MAKE DO !!! - 06/24/10 06:28 AM

Some forum members are from different countries,. Not everyone can order something from Countycomm for example. So, Some have to just make do with whatever avilable in their local markets.

Among the items that have speciual place in every prepper heart is the 550 PARACORD. Well, maybe I haven't looked hard enough but it is not avilable around our markets. And I had to buy nylon cord or whatever instead. Then , with the nylon cord in my hand, I started thinking about the famous "7 strands" of paracord. How many preppers have really really took the time to pull those out and use them for snares or whatever ???

So, I decided not to give it any further thought. It is even better for survival to MAKE DO with what you already have in the market. So, if I can't find a real Ka-Bar I will make do with a small but sturdy kitchen knife. And I forgot about paracord because I already filled my kits with nylon ropes and fishing lines.

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Re: MAKE DO !!! - 06/24/10 06:31 AM

Do you have a story of MAKE DO ???!!!

OK , here is one of my stories.

Sometimes I see ordering a very specific container for EDC spare batteries as extravagant. So, I just looked in the trash of my kids and found several plastic containers that can hold EDC batteries.

There was a make up container, and something like a "plastic altoids" .. and all of them serve the purpose very well.


I looked in their trash because I know kids are more towards consumerism than ther parents.
They THROW A LOT of stuff that can be otherwise useful.

I let them know my philosophy.
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Re: MAKE DO !!! - 06/24/10 06:39 AM

I think I have already mentioned the "survival necklace" I made, and then made more copies to include in every kit I have. Take a ID badge lanyard, remove the ID plastic sleeve ( save it for a fresnel lens or alchol wipes ..etc.)

On the lanyard, start hanging your favourite type of whistle, folding knife, tiny flashlight ..etc.

In case of emergency, the first thing to do is take the necklace out of the nearest kit and hang around neck. Tools go under shirt or inside chest pocket. They will be your last ditch tools (on your person no matter what).

Some on-line companies sell ready made survival necklaces but restrictions on either side make it a better option just to be McGyverish and MAKE DO !!!
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Re: MAKE DO !!! - 06/24/10 07:07 AM

There are companies that does ship the aforementioned products internationally. I've used these two and both are very good.

Some county comm gear:

8 strand paracord:
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Re: MAKE DO !!! - 06/24/10 09:15 AM

I'm a big fan of make do, and even the longer version use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without

But do yourself a favour and treat yourself to some high quality duct tape or gorilla tape. There are too many low quality "duct" tape lookalikes and I have no intention of trying every one of them, so I stick with gorilla tape. But it can be hard to find or ridiculous expensive outside the U.S. Having good duct/gorilla tape makes the rest of your make do-exercises much more fun... wink

My favourite make-do item is PET soda bottles. They are very strong, and you cut them to shape with a knife. PET cutouts now protect my lighters from leaking, my sunglases from breaking and the burner head on my parafin stove from breaking.

Paracord? I'm a big fan, it is a joy to work with. But most synthetic cords do an excellent job. And 2mm braided nylon line packs MUCH smaller in my PSK than paracord. 2mm is strong enough for most emergency shelter building and most field repairs I can think of.
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Re: MAKE DO !!! - 06/24/10 02:35 PM

I am so used to making-do that it's reached a point where even when I buy something, it usually isn't for its intended purpose!

(I drive my local hardware store crazy.)

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Re: MAKE DO !!! - 06/24/10 03:17 PM

I was into 550 cord when I was maybe 10 or 12 - not bad stuff. That said, I'm a heck of a lot more comfortable working with twisted Nylon 3 strand - so that is what I usually carry. But I like the idea of this thread because the truth of the matter is if you can't improvise your life is a lot harder than it has to be.
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Re: MAKE DO !!! - 06/24/10 03:53 PM

I love the advice of DR--in an emergency/survival situation, NEVER throw anything away. I go camping with the Boy Scouts often, and it takes some doing to convince them of the wisdom of this.

Case in point--we had all gone camping and taken canned soup, stew, etc for dinner. After dinner, some had hot chocolate mix packets and wanted hot chocolate, but they hadn't brought a pot to heat water in. I showed them that the cans in the "trash" could easily be cleaned out and then set directly on the fire to heat water. They thought I was a genius for showing them how to do this; I worried about the fact that something so seemingly obvious wasn't--at least not to them.
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Re: MAKE DO !!! - 06/25/10 02:13 AM

I have fished with the seperated strands from Paracord,& Have caught my Dinner,Many times!If your Country has a Military,then that is your Best Source.Ask a Soldier,I'll bet they'd be more than Happy to Hook you up with some Paracord,or at least point you in the right direction as,to obtaining some!The ONLY time there is a Substitute for Paracord is,When you are actually in a Survival situation without it!County-Comm has some interesting items but...Fleabay is SO much more accessable to The World & A whole World cheaper as well!Dont give up the search,Afterall,A computer got you here,Did it Not?
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Re: MAKE DO !!! - 06/25/10 02:18 AM

just go to for real Paracord, its $7 for 100 ft.

no affiliation.
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Re: MAKE DO !!! - 06/25/10 07:11 AM

( Ask a Soldier,I'll bet they'd be more than Happy to Hook you up with some Paracord,or at least point you in the right direction )

LOL. More likely it will make him ask
( Why do you need it ?? Show me some ID. )

So, no thanks.

Actually the culture of being prepared is not really much understood among most of humans, regardless of whatver geographical region. In the old days, yes, people were prepared, but they didn't call it "preparedness" or "survival". They just called it "way of life". Now that all these convieniences are around us, very few people undetsand why you need to store food or water, much less anything else.

A few weeks ago, I was in a worship gathering and the clery man asked ( why does ANYONE have to carry a knife in his pocket ?? ) and my hand automatically felt the folder in my pocket while my thoughts wandered around this strange world.

The clergy was talking about a crime that happened recently when a neighborhood decided to take matters in their own hands and start a campaign of "cleaning" up the streets. So, a man stopped a wrecklessly driving teenger and started advising him to drive carefully and not endanger the elderly and kids and telling him that he should in fact be a positive member of the society. The answer he received from the boy was several stabs in the chest. Hence the clergy question : Why was that boy carrying a knife to begin with ?? and why does ANYONE have to carry ???

Oh, well.
Sorry, I have hijacked my own thread . LOL

The objective of this thread is actually the skill of MAKING DO. If we find ourselves in a hard/emergency/survival situation, most likely we have to manage with what we have on hand. No matter how much better a RAT or Cold Steel knife is , the $ 10 knife I have in the kitchen has to do. Our mothers have manged for years using nothing but locally made knives that - in todays flashy knives - will be directly thrown in the trash.

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Re: MAKE DO !!! - 06/27/10 05:44 AM

Hey Chisel,I'm sorry! I didn't even contemplate the fact that,there are still Com-Bloc countries out there,somewhere!If you can email me with your address,I will be happy to hook you up with some Paracord!The Pilsner is on me,Brost!!!
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Re: MAKE DO !!! - 06/27/10 05:20 PM

Make do is what lets me keep my PSK small simple and cheap.
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Re: MAKE DO !!! - 06/29/10 01:05 PM

A fine example of MAKE DO