Leatherman Wave Sharpening?

Posted by: MartinFocazio

Leatherman Wave Sharpening? - 08/28/06 01:47 AM

My Leatherman Wave tool is 97% wonderful, and the other 3% of the time I want to throw it into a lake. Keeping it SHARP is one of those times the lake and the tool are close to meeting. I like sharp knives. Really, really sharp knives. I'm perfectly aware that there's a compromise between versatility and the ability to hold an edge, but I really am quite unhappy with the ability of the leatherman to take and keep a sharp edge. Has anyone else encountered this? Any ideas how to cope?
Posted by: Simon

Re: Leatherman Wave Sharpening? - 08/28/06 02:18 AM

I have the same problem and frustration with all multitools. Besides not locking, that is another reason I never depend on a multitool alone and always EDC another blade. It ticks me how cheapo the blade is made on the Micra with a one-sided edge or whatever the terminology. Maybe Leatherman putting S30V on their new Charges will be the solution. I have had no luck keeping a satisfactory edge on the blade my Gerber "palm-pincher" multi-tool has either.

The only way I can think of, right-off-the-bat, to cope before you get something new is just to review how you are sharpening the blade. Does your method leave the optimum angle for the edge not to wear away too quickly? Just make sure the angle is not too steep. Hope this helps.
Posted by: MartinFocazio

Re: Leatherman Wave Sharpening? - 08/28/06 02:47 AM

The Wave tool has a great locking system, that's not the issue. I've tried many ways of sharpening, and I have many tools. For the Wave, the tool that's making the best, longest lasting edge is this ceramic sharpener do-dad I got at Target. It's a little hand-held thing, the "V" shaped notch takes the blade.

It seems to the blade metal itself.
Posted by: Simon

Re: Leatherman Wave Sharpening? - 08/28/06 03:07 AM

Any kind of warranty you can use because of dissatisfaction? I bet if it was Buck brand name, you could send it in and get another. Does Leatherman have anything similar? Bucks do hold an edge though, lol

Sounds like you need that new TTi that Leatherman is coming out with DR reported on (S30V). It's always a compromise on the metal for the blades in any multitool in the past, it seems.
Posted by: ironraven

Re: Leatherman Wave Sharpening? - 08/28/06 03:18 AM

I don't use the blades in my SuperTool if at all possible. Issues with edge holding have been with the Leatherman since the begining. None of the others, except MAYBE the SOGs and the Vics, seem to have a better handle on this either.

I carry a second, single blade folder for a reason. I think a LOT of multitool users do.
Posted by: Leigh_Ratcliffe

Re: Leatherman Wave Sharpening? - 08/28/06 06:03 AM

I think that we have all been spoilt by the S30V steels. Untill I brought my RSK Mk1, I considered the 154CM very sharp. Having said that, I use the Wave to get into things that I don't want to use my EDC blade on.
Posted by: aloha

Re: Leatherman Wave Sharpening? - 08/28/06 07:49 AM

I have a Swisstool Spirit and a Leatherman Wave. I get both hair popping sharp using the Superior Sharpener that Doug wrote about some time ago. It is convenient to carry about in both an urban setting and in the field. And it works well. My Wave has been neglected and was pretty dull as I have been using the Spirit mostly of late.

After about a dozen or so strokes on the Superior, the Wave's plain edge blade went from really dull to shaving sharp. You just have to sharpen with gradually lightening pressure.
Posted by: Craig_phx

Re: Leatherman Wave Sharpening? - 08/29/06 04:39 AM

I used a diamond plate to make a finer angle to my Leatherman Charge Ti. I use the diamond plate get the edge back in shape and then use the Viking Stone to smooth out the edge. It gets paper cutting sharp. The Charge Ti is the only pocket knife I need! I also need a good fixed blade and a Gerber saw! Anyone seen the F1 for sale in Phoenix?

The shape and thickness of the blade does not lend itself to a razor edge.

Diamonds are the answer! <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
Posted by: Simon

Re: Leatherman Wave Sharpening? - 08/29/06 03:23 PM

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the issue was "holding" an edge, not putting a razor edge on a knife.

The simplest I can try to explain is this approach: Look at your blade edge with it facing UPWARDS. The shallower the angle, the more like likely it is to chip. The steeper the angle, the sooner it will wear. The trick is to find the ideal angle in the middle. That is usually 15 to 18 degrees. Some people just say "15 - 20 degrees." It just takes practice.

BUT, for knives for different purposes, people want different angles. For example, I have a knife I use just for de-barking tree limbs when woodcarving. I like the angle REAL steep, and don't mind having to keep sharpening it.