Interesting camera bag PSK container attempt

Posted by: SARbound

Interesting camera bag PSK container attempt - 07/28/05 04:04 AM

Hi there,

xbanker was suggesting a camera bag as a PSK container. I went to the local dollar store and bought a cheap 3$ (canadian dollars) made-in-China camera bag. I gotta admit that I like the idea. Here are the plus and minuses after completing the build :

+ three pockets total in bag : MUCH easier to find items and resupply kit
+ adjustable shoulder strap and belt loop! Easier to carry
- not 100% waterproof like the Lock & Lock container, still water resistant though

Camera bag kit :

-- Main compartment --
Mini Maglite w/Nite Ize 3 LED + tailcap switch upgrade (Until I find a Photon locally, this will be the flashlight I will carry. I still like the idea of carrying a larger flashlight)
Survival blanket
3" candle
15' steel wire
3' duct tape
6 small cable ties
Fox40 micro w/lanyard
Mini Bic (electrical tape rolled around it)
Coghlan water purifier tablets (in original bottle)
Two 3x5 cards
Small pencil
Gerber Mini-paraframe
Bobber tiny LED light (20+ hour)

-- interior mesh pocket --
5 Bandaids
Poviodine (sp?) ointment
2"x2" gauze pad
4 12-hour Sudafed
6 Benadryl
6 Loperamide (Immodium)
6 Ibuprofen

-- interior zippered mesh pocket --
20+ matches in a tiny plastic bag (Ziploc-alike)
2 pieces of 2" Coghlan Tinder Sticks
Sewing machine bobbin w/strong nylon thread
2 safety pins
1 sewing needle
Razor blade
Fishing kit (3 sinkers, 4 hooks, muddler minnow fly, red felt square)

Previous Lock & Lock kit :

Comments are very welcome! Bzzzzzz to all,

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Posted by: TeacherRO

Re: Interesting camera bag PSK container attempt - 07/28/05 04:11 AM

Good thinking. I might add a pen, paper, cash, important numbers ( phone, bank, etc.) and any useful medical info.
Posted by: SARbound

Re: Interesting camera bag PSK container attempt - 07/28/05 04:15 AM

I have a small pencil and two cards to write something on.

Hmmmm, I used to have quarters and dollars in my previous kit, wonder where that went. *reaches for change basket*

Oh yes, I definately need to add some personal info to the kit!

Thanks 'teach ! <img src="/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
Posted by: ken_nerve

Re: Interesting camera bag PSK container attempt - 07/28/05 04:33 PM

Interesting... Just so happens that I have seen a growing number of pple carrying pouches like this with an assortment of things in them such as packet tissues, mobile phones, pens and notepads. Must be a new trend. Only they put the shoulder strap around their hip and wear it like a waist pouch instead of slinging it over the shoulder like a man purse.
A good way to be prepared and look cool...
Posted by: Frankie

Re: Interesting camera bag PSK container attempt - 07/28/05 11:21 PM

If you ever come to Montréal you can find Photon Microlights at Le Baron (8601 boul St-Laurent, Québec) and you could visit MEC which is situated in the same area (8989, boulevard de l'Acadie) and they have Katadyn Micropur tablets (if you want to upgrade your water purification) and Doug's PSP if you want to get a sightable signal mirror and many other quality items for only 28$ CAN. Note that there's a MEC in Québec city at 405 rue St-Joseph Est, Saint-Roch.

Posted by: Frankie

Re: Interesting camera bag PSK container attempt - 07/28/05 11:30 PM

MEC also have the Star Flash signal mirror