Irrigation syringes

Posted by: dchinell

Irrigation syringes - 01/25/05 11:14 PM

I have used plastic MonoJect syringes with a curved tip (model 412, I think) off and on for years to treat ear or gum infections. I thought these would make a nice wound irrigation syringe for a first aid kit.

But the tips look pretty fragile when I cram them into a first aid kit. And I accumulated a collection of unused, smaller volume syringes with Luer lock tips when caring for a family member recently.

Soooo. I found a supplier of straight, metal tube irrigation tips in various gauges. These have the advantage that you can store them inside the body of the syringe itself. In fact, you can store acouple of tips in different sizes if you want.

I got the Combo Kit with 20 of each gauge for playing around with. Internet research indicates that the 18 to 20 ga tips are good for irrigation.

I also found a nice, higher volume syringe at The Preparedness Center. Same deal -- detachable Luer lock tip that stores in the body.