waist packs

Posted by: Polak187

waist packs - 01/24/05 05:56 PM

Anyone got any ideas? Preferences? I was looking at Stat Packs and some of the North Face stuff... Part of me wants to get a big sporty model but I'm concerned that I won't be carring it as much as I would like to even if it would take all the stuff I want with some room to spare. Now something small with slim profile would be nice but will have no room for anythign else.

Now what do I want to put in there? My first aid kit in small othher box, patagonia rain jacket, small digital camera, 1 Liter water bottle and couple of other misc items...

I would usually space those items im my jacket and cargo pockets and I feel all right but I rather carry them in one spot and not shuffle them around.

Any ideas?
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Re: waist packs - 01/24/05 06:28 PM

I really like my maxpedition proteus waist pack.


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Re: waist packs - 01/24/05 06:43 PM

Mountainsmith is sure to have something. In my opinion, they make the very best of lumbar/waist packs.
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Re: waist packs - 01/24/05 08:32 PM

"I really like my maxpedition proteus waist pack."

I completely agree. Took me awhile to start using mine but it's basically with or near me everyday. Very comfortable, well made and allows for different configurations.

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Re: waist packs - 01/24/05 09:12 PM


Also worth checking out is Max's new wastpack, the devildog


I do really like the looks of the Mountainsmith ones as well. Everyone I know that owns one raves about it.

Worth a check.

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Re: waist packs - 01/24/05 09:30 PM

I love Max stuff but I think they are too hardcore military looking...

I was going between something like this:

or something really plain like this:

or maybe even that:

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Re: waist packs - 01/24/05 09:43 PM

re: the DevilDog.

I want one! I'm going out of town next week, that would be a great carry-on. Wonder if I can get it by friday.

EDIT: Nope, not available until early march.
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Re: waist packs - 01/24/05 10:35 PM

Matt, no mil looking stuff, fair enough. (Although, IMO a tan devil dog wouldn't look out of the ordinary around here)

If you know what you've got will fit in that tiny Mountainsmith (the last one) go for it. I know REI's got em on sale for $20. If you're like me, the bigger the pack you get, the more stuff you'll cram into it. <img src="/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />

If not, consider the Mountainsmith Swift. The new version is the II, but Campmor.com has the old model on sale for $25. A great deal IMO.

I personally like two things on a lumbar pack; 1/ External straps for a poncho or rain shell. 2/ Bottle holders big enough for a 32 oz nalgene.\

BTW Is this going to be for city or rural use?

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Re: waist packs - 01/24/05 11:42 PM

Only city... For rural use I have my backpacks that I love dearly.

But here is what I carry as my EDC. This is always in my pockets and I'm not letting it off my body.

This is what I carry in my jacket/cargo pants or back pack (I have a nice zippered case that fits all of it)...

I was thinking of a small waist pack that can take it all (+/- water bottle) and doesn't look too military. Just a funny pack. And if need arises I can just take this pack and throw it into the back pack.

I think I will give that $20 mountain man a try...
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Re: waist packs - 01/24/05 11:50 PM

Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) has a couple of nice fanny packs that seem well built and balanced. I have used their medium sized one for the past two years on short day hikes to carry the essentials, along with water and snacks.

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Re: waist packs - 01/25/05 04:26 AM

Based on that gigantic load of gear and your mention of water and a shell garment, I strongly reccomend the Mountainsmith Swift or II. I suspect the space will be just about perfect, it's about the size you seem to want, has good enough features to be comfortable... I have one, I like it. I've said enough.
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Re: waist packs - 01/25/05 07:09 AM

I have been using a Lowe Alpine Mesa Runner for around 10 years. Check it here Carries tons of stuff and is very strong. If you happen to carry it in front it is very stable and does not limit movement.

Posted by: GoatRider

Re: waist packs - 01/25/05 02:39 PM

This is the waist pack I've switched to recently:


It holds a lot without being too bulky. I'd like it to be a bit bigger though, so I'm still looking.