Canteen water filter

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Canteen water filter - 05/20/03 11:55 PM

While snooping round the 'Net today, I stumbled on something called a 'Pres2Pure' canteen water filter. It's a GI shaped canteen with a 2 micron (they claim) water filter at the spout. Fill up the canteen with unfiltered water and squeeze - out comes filtered water. At least, that's the idea. Brigade Quartermasters and US Cavalry sell them, and there are several up on e-bay.

Question for one and all (even that deeply disturbed poster known as 'Peanut'...): Do any of you know of this product, or have any experience with one? If so, do they work? Are they worth the $$?



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Re: Canteen water filter - 05/21/03 07:31 AM

Can we see a website address or a photo please?
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Re: Canteen water filter - 05/21/03 12:36 PM

read it. I can't see a reason why I shouldn't spent 30$ on it AND my life. Can you?

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may i ask why you dislike that filter so much ? if you kill the bacteria and virusses first with iodine or chlorine and than filter it though it would be reasonable safe, it think... the price is also do-able for it capacity.
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Re: Canteen water filter - 05/22/03 01:24 AM

I was thinking of this canteen as I carry a canteen anyway in my edc backpack. The big reason I like my PUR Hiker is that I can pump water from very small sources. With the use of a rag I can prefilter out the sludge. It filters at .5 microns. I don't know if that'a nominally or absolute.

My preference right now is Potable Aqua. In most cases I don't carry a filter. For the case of drinking mud which is a likely scenario I don't know if either filter would be that helpful.

In any case I carry 130 ounces of water every day.