Contents of my mini-PSK

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Contents of my mini-PSK - 05/06/03 01:50 PM

OK, here goes. This is what I have with me all the time, all bundled up in that trusty little tin. Any comments would be appreciated:

1 Altoids mints tin
5 Waterproof matches w/ striker strip
8 Waterproof Tinder Quick fire starting tabs
1 Flint/magnesium bar w/ metal striker
1 White mini-LED flashlight
1 Acme Tornado whistle
18 Potable Aqua water treatment pills, in small glass vial
1 2-quart plastic oven bag
1 Nylon tie for bag
2 1-foot squares aluminum foil
5 Safety pins, 1 XL, 1 L, 3 M
2 Needles, 1 L, 1 M
12 ft. Heavy-duty thread
10 in. Duct tape
5 ft. Waxed nylon cord
2 Adhesive bandages, medium
1 Button compass
3 12-inch wire fishing leaders/snares
2 1 inch Nails
1 Razor blade
2 Razorknife blades
1 Wire saw w/ pull rings
40 ft. 12-pound nylon Fishing line
4 Fish hooks, 1 L (use as gaff), 2 M, 1 S
4 Split shot
2 Fishing lures, 1 synthetic worm, 1 dry fly
1 10-inch drinking tube
3 ft. Electrical tape
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Re: Contents of my mini-PSK - 05/06/03 02:03 PM

you got:
1 Razor blade
2 Razorknife blades
what do you exsecly mean with that ?
add a gaffa and instructions if possible. overal a good kit for it size.
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Re: Contents of my mini-PSK - 05/06/03 02:08 PM

The razor blade is a single-edged blade. The razorknife blades are X-acto brand, No. 22, that you would find in a hoppy or craft store in the US. I would need to improvise a handle to be able to use them effectively, but they are VERY sharp!
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Re: Contents of my mini-PSK - 05/07/03 02:00 AM

This isn't just for you, its been gnawing at me for some time. As I build my kit and decide how to allocate my space, I can't understand why the fishing gear is ever present. There's an obvious reason I'm sure, as everyone includes one. This is how the math works in my brain, please tell me how it works in your's and the rest of the world's. It is no more than a 48 hour walk out of anywhere in the lower 48 (I can't remember where that number came from, there is even a chance that I assumed it and it sat in my head for so long It morphed into truth). So wouldn't the space be better allocated to items that would aid in maintaining proper body temp., water acquisition, fire making, and route finding? I get that it, the fishing kit, doesn't take up much room and many of its items have dual uses. I'm just trying to understand why everybody includes it in their personal kit and why one is in most commercial personal kits.
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Re: Contents of my mini-PSK - 05/07/03 04:24 AM

Geez, good question. I wouldn't know how to cook a fish if I caught one, and I still have fish hooks and line in my PSK <img src="images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />

I think you're probably right - you could walk to civilisation in 48 hrs from anywhere in the lower 48:

- if you could walk;
- if you knew where you were;
- if there were no obstacles in the way.

Why then do people still manage to turn up dead in National Parks?

You may have a companion who's too badly injured to move or leave, I suppose.

The only survival story I know of where fishing gear saved someone's life was one I read in Reader's Digest many years ago. A young man drove off the road over a steep embankment, the car landed on its roof, and he was trapped inside for a week or possibly more, if I recall correctly. No food, no water; the only things he could reach were the clothes he was wearing and a fishing pole in the back seat.

By hooking his T-shirt to the fishing pole, he was able to cast it into a nearby stream and "fish" for fresh water; that kept him alive until relatives, painstakingly retracing his route, spotted faint evidence beside the road that led them to the overturned car. It had landed in a position that was all but invisible from the main road, even by an observer standing on the shoulder and looking straight down.

Maybe it does fall into the category of "Why the heck not?" <img src="images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
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Re: Contents of my mini-PSK - 05/07/03 12:57 PM

Aardwolfe hit it on the nose (ouch!) as far as why I have some minimal fishing gear in my mini-PSK. I may never, ever, need it, but ... my philosophy on survival kits, and survival in general, is that it is better to have a little bit of something than nothing of anything. The fishing line can double as thread, snare loops for small animals or birds, or even (!!!) fishing line. The hooks, well, the only dual-use I can see for them is snagging the next over-zealous, fat-fingered TSA screener I have the displeasure to meet.
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Re: Contents of my mini-PSK - 05/07/03 01:13 PM

A lot of commercial kits are based on military kits. There is an obvious difference between being in a military situation where you don't want to be found necessarily (and hence might be 'surviving' for a long time) and a 'civilian' situation where you are desperate to be rescued a.s.a.p. Personally, I carry fishing kit in my 'wild' PSK, but not in my 'urban' PSK. I carry one or the other dependant on what I'm up to.
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Re: Contents of my mini-PSK - 05/07/03 01:18 PM

Don't forget the psychological benifits of some equipment.For some fishing is a relaxing past time.It can give you the feeling that you are doing something for your situation and all is well.I've camped out many times with Uncle Sam(in the SEABEES)with no camp fires and was just fine.But in a survival scene it (a fire)can give alot of moral and security.
So IMHO some items are nothing more than Linus' blanket.A securityblanket,pure and simple.
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Re: Contents of my mini-PSK - 05/07/03 01:54 PM

That makes sense, the origins of the kit it-self. The need NOT to be found.
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Re: Contents of my mini-PSK - 05/07/03 02:03 PM

I think the story you mentioned sums it up, not because I may be upside-down in a car by a creek someday, but because EVERYTHING in the kit is dual use. Innovation is the key to "getting home". The fact that Maggot fit all of the stuff in his tin gives him that many options should he ever need to open the tin.
Thanks for the light bulb moment,
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Re: Contents of my mini-PSK - 05/07/03 02:07 PM

I'll say he did. The notion of so many options, not yet dreamed up. I've fixed more than one thing in the field or on the road with something I brought along for something else.
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Re: Contents of my mini-PSK - 05/07/03 02:13 PM

I guess I never thought of fishing to relax because I don't fish, which seems a little odd to me because The first thing I'd do to calm myself would be to build a fire. The fire, is a sort of companion and lets on believe that one is taking charge and doing something about ones situation.
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Re: Contents....SIMPLE SOLUTION - 05/07/03 03:27 PM

prepare the kit for the vent-so one for urban days-ones for hiking ones from hunting climging etc.

That way you carrry what u need for that situation eg-i wouldn';t put cord in if i was going climging \s i already carry 30m or climng assesory cord!

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Open it up occasionally! - 05/21/03 01:55 PM

While repacking my mini-PSK (again...) I discovered that the plastic worm fishing lure, which was next to my Acme Tornado whistle, had reacted with the whistle's plastic body and was kind of melting it. Very strange. Needless to say, the Crème Lure worm got its very own plastic wrap to keep it away from everything else. All of which goes to show that just because you have a PSK, you shouldn't assume that everything in it is going to be OK six months or a year from now.
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Re: Open it up occasionally! - 05/21/03 02:05 PM

checking kits is fun ! you got the chanche to try new things out with your PSK. i do save the idea's for awhile before i rip mine psk open....
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Re: Open it up occasionally! - 05/21/03 03:06 PM

Soft plastic lures are made soft with a lot of chemicals. Therefore the lures have to be kept in plastic thats intended for this use. Otherwise the softener can destroy plastic utensils and corrode metal. This is why I don´t carry soft plastic lures in my kits.
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Re: Open it up occasionally! - 05/22/03 12:16 AM

I guess that should have been intuitive - it just really surprised me to see the side of a hard plastic whistle all squishy!
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Re: Open it up occasionally! - 05/22/03 01:49 AM


Even the plastic bag or plastic wrap around the fishing worm is not going to prevent the plasticizers from moving into other plastic items it is touching. Phthalate esters are used in plastics to control the softness. These are not part of the plastic structure, but more like dissolved in the plastic base, so they tend to evaporate or move around. This is why plastic gets brittle with age....the plasticizer has migrated out. Wrapping the worm in foil would be better, but even this will not prevent the plasticizer from evaporating and potentially changing other plastic items in the kit. Like Max said worms have loads of this chemical....excluding them from the kit would be my recommendation. I recommend adding wet, dry, streamer or nymph pattern flies.

BTW phthalate esters plasticizers are detectable in just about every sample of water, soil etc found on earth now.
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Re: Open it up occasionally! - 05/22/03 02:49 PM

Good point .... *sound of a loud sigh at the thought of opening the just-sealed kit back up to take that fake worm out* ... but on the flip side, that means another trip to K-mart to ponder the 3,276 artificial lure choices!