SPOT - Industrial Use

Posted by: dougwalkabout

SPOT - Industrial Use - 01/08/21 06:01 PM

I thought this was interesting: SPOT devices are being used for worker safety checks in the resource industry. (Not sure which models.)

It's a solution to the problem of working alone at remote industrial sites, out of cell phone range.

The devices are preprogrammed to interact with a safety monitoring and dispatch company. The worker can start/stop a timer that raises the alarm (on the dispatcher's system) if they are overdue. I assume they can also signal for immediate assistance.
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Re: SPOT - Industrial Use - 01/08/21 06:11 PM

I wouldn't be surprised if SPOT made a specific version for that industry not available to consumers.
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Re: SPOT - Industrial Use - 01/08/21 06:38 PM

Years ago, we were using SPOT devices at Channel islands National Park, even though we weree routinely equipped with radios on the park net. I assume they aree still in serice. it was quite common to e the only person on a fairly large island.

It was common knowledge with the prk radios, the more dire the circumstance, the more likely you were to be out of range....
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Re: SPOT - Industrial Use - 01/10/21 02:20 AM

It will be interesting to get the inside scoop on this. Field guys/gals are pretty darn competent and capable, and have very distinct (private) opinions about the "paper side" of the company looking over their shoulders, for the sole purpose of ticking a regulatory check box.

Some resource companies have gone so far as to equip employees and contractors with motion sensor devices that trigger a response after a time-out. You can imagine the response of the hard-ass field staff.