call next year!

Posted by: CANOEDOGS

call next year! - 03/23/20 07:11 PM

i'm 74 and in good health so i just have a once a year check up with
my Dr at the Vets hospital.tomorrow was my appointment but I got a phone message that it was cancelled and I should wait until January 1st before making a new one..January!i called in to check on that and the answer in short was that they expect the Dr's to be to busy all summer and into the winter...
the other thing is that all my prep was for problems on wilderness canoe trips.with no big storms,wild fires,earthquakes and so on a shelter in place during a pandemic was a non-starter.
retired of course I do a big shop when my check comes in on the first of the month and buy a lot of those 5 for $4 deals so I have a good stock anyway. my local grocery store,not a big box, has just about everything except tp and flour.both of which I have tons of.
so I guess in the end the story is be ready for anything!!!
Posted by: chaosmagnet

Re: call next year! - 03/23/20 07:37 PM

Here's to a year of good health to you!
Posted by: hikermor

Re: call next year! - 03/23/20 09:46 PM

I was in a similar situation. I was scheduled for an arthritic hip replacement last Wednesday. In the runup to that procedure, i called my primary care doc for one last item and made a routine appointment. later that day, her office called me, canceling the appt and stating they were not sure when I could reschedule.

Needless to say,my hip replacement is on hold. Actually,I am better off in limbo than being in the hospital for a couple of days, two weeks at home, with an anticipated total recovery time of four to six weeks.

It may be a while before life returns to anything resembling "normal."
Posted by: haertig

Re: call next year! - 03/23/20 10:01 PM

I would have thought things would have been under the control of ortho at that point, not primary care. Regardless, you're better off NOT being in the hospital right now, so count your blessings for being put on hold!

I'm sure the additional time you have to be in pain may not be so nice, but if you're old enough to be getting a hip replacement, you're too old to be messing around taking a chance getting coronavirus. Well, for most of us anyway. You don't see too many hip replacements in 25 year olds.

Hang in there!
Posted by: KenK

Re: call next year! - 03/23/20 10:08 PM

CD & HM, I hope you both take care of yourselves, and am happy to hear you are TRYING to take care of your health. I myself am a bit concerned that these weird times will cause troubles with obtaining my prescriptions, which fortunately I get via the mail. Time will tell.