Ontario Old Hickory Hunting Knife

Posted by: KenK

Ontario Old Hickory Hunting Knife - 02/22/20 10:12 PM

I just found out about this newly on the market knife, and wanted to pass this information along, even though I don't yet have one. Apparently the first run of them sold out quickly, but you can preorder it.


Many years ago (30+) while in college I had purchased an Old Hickory carbon blade knife as a cheap beater knife (actually for digging out roots during a botany class), and found that knife to be one of the sharpest and easiest to sharpen knives I've ever had. Unfortunately, I never had a sheath for it, so it never really left my kitchen. The same summer I got another cheap knife that did come with a plastic sheath that much later (+20? years) I realized was a Mora knife.

Yesterday, I was online looking to see if that knife was still available. I couldn't find it's specific blade size/shape, BUT I stumbled upon this new hunting knife which DOES come with a leather sheath, for only $20. I just preordered one, and look forward to playing with it.
Posted by: hikermor

Re: Ontario Old Hickory Hunting Knife - 02/23/20 03:13 PM

I too have an Old Hickory knife in my kitchen assortment (along with a Mora or two). Perfectly good cutting instruments with a pointy end and a sharp cutting edge. They do perfectly well what knives are supposed to do. Who could ask for anything more?