Hiker in distress.....

Posted by: Ratch

Hiker in distress..... - 12/25/19 08:17 PM

Not too much I can say on this. I wonít criticize too much...just last month I got turned around and temporarily lost in my own woods....

Posted by: Phaedrus

Re: Hiker in distress..... - 12/25/19 09:06 PM

I'm glad it worked out okay!
Posted by: hikermor

Re: Hiker in distress..... - 12/26/19 01:38 PM

Odd priorities- An InReach beacon rather than good boots, which are absolutely bedrock fundamental. In a perfect world, you will have both (and more!).

Good ending, thanks to competent SAR.
Posted by: Russ

Re: Hiker in distress..... - 12/26/19 04:48 PM

Once again, the problem seems to be one of SEND (Satellite Emergency Notification Devices) units providing a back-stop for folks going on a hike ill-prepared. Forget the basics; #1 on your 10 Essentials list is a SEND unit and #2 is spare batteries. You donít need boots, jackets, water or food; just start walking and when you find yourself cold, wet and hungry, or simply lost, just press the little red get-out-of-jail-free button. Ainít technology great.
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Re: Hiker in distress..... - 01/04/20 04:00 AM

The state DEC just published a release with advice for people going on hikes in the backcountry...wouldnít be surprised if it was prompted by the above incident. Basic information to be sure, but as always the question is....how do you get people to listen?

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Re: Hiker in distress..... - 01/04/20 02:05 PM

how do you get people to listen?

Good question, and there is no easy answer. Our rescue group in southern Arizona always was prepared to give presentations on basic outdoor safety to any group wishing such.

Of course,it is hard to measure the effectiveness of such efforts, but it is better to try to educate the public that to just stand by and wait for the next problem.
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Re: Hiker in distress..... - 01/04/20 03:54 PM

A lot of people donít belong to groups now...seems odd to say....but for many young people their connections are online. I despise facebook, etc., but I wonder if education campaigns carried out on social media might not catch the attention of young people. That is, the sort who look up from their smartphones, and think, ďOh, I guess Iíll take a walk in the woods...Ē
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Re: Hiker in distress..... - 01/04/20 08:33 PM

good point! Considering how perasie social media are these days, and not just the young'uns. There is another aspect to this notion,however.

I was just lurking on a climbing site where two climbers were bragging about their climb which ended in a helicopter hoist op by the Las Vegas Mountain SAR.

They had bivouacked midway on the climb and with light, not being disabled in any way, they called for rescue. In their posts, they gushed about how neat the hoist was, and all that.

Obviously they were aware of the possibility of a competent,speedy rescue, other wise they might have been a bit more careful on their climb, like carrying the gear to retreat by rappel.

I myself, while extricating a dude from the hills who had no equipment of any sort with him, got the comment 'I wouldn't be out here at all if i didn't know that you guys would help me if I got in trouble."

So for some of the population, news of successful operations simply encourages risky behavior, publicity about good practices apparently not so much.
Posted by: Phaedrus

Re: Hiker in distress..... - 01/04/20 08:52 PM

That attitude is infuriating, hikermor! But still, ultimately I guess they're right; SAR won't refuse to rescue someone just because they're idiots (and lucky thing for the idiots). The problem is when they refuse to take any measures to help themselves.