Cell phone protection

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Cell phone protection - 08/16/19 10:13 PM

If you're going to carry a cell phone -- especially in harsh conditions -- get a waterproof case.

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Re: Cell phone protection - 08/16/19 10:29 PM

...or a waterproof phone. Kyocera DuraXV LTE
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Re: Cell phone protection - 08/17/19 02:57 AM

Or avoid harsh conditions in the first place.

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Re: Cell phone protection - 08/17/19 06:46 AM

This months 'Trail' mag in the uk has a review of protective phone cases.
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Re: Cell phone protection - 08/17/19 07:22 AM

You do not need harsh conditions to benefit from a waterproof case for a cell phone. I like to ride motorcycle. On a ride in weather conditions that were forecast a light rain I was glad about the case. The rain was heavy enough to soak all of my clothes down to the skin. The phone and my papers stayed dry though.
Posted by: Eugene

Re: Cell phone protection - 08/19/19 04:05 PM

My last three phones have been waterproof, starting with the Kyocera Brigaider.

Also be sure to get wireless charging so you don't wear out the port or break the port when you or a cat knock the phone off of a table.
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Re: Cell phone protection - 08/20/19 02:28 AM

we've had some pretty serious rain the last week or so on the Central Gulf Coast of Fla, and pushed the timing a little to get my cousin's yard mowed...got caught in a frog strangler and was soaked to the skin... the Kyocera DuraXV in a Maxpedition pouch came through extremely well, I actually forgot I had it with me until I changed clothing
Posted by: Russ

Re: Cell phone protection - 08/20/19 02:46 AM

Thanks for the report Les, Iíve never tested mine in serious rain. I have dropped it enough to destroy many smartphones ó Gorilla Glass or not ó no signs of wear at all.
Great phone imo.

Not affiliated with Verizon or Kyocera other than as a customer.
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Re: Cell phone protection - 08/20/19 08:13 AM

Mine is waterproof rated, added a simple thing TPU cover and a screen protector for all-around protection. Keeps it small and thus pocket-friendly.