Hurricane strategies

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Hurricane strategies - 06/07/19 03:15 PM

An interesting and provocative article discussing rethinking shelter/evacuation strategies when big winds approach...
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Re: Hurricane strategies - 06/07/19 06:02 PM

Good share.
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Re: Hurricane strategies - 06/07/19 11:05 PM

just a comment after Irma... like many of my friends that are 60+ year residents on the West Coast of Florida, I had no intention of evacuation for Hurricane Irma... and like many have come to rely on the typically very accurate spaghetti models of projected pathways...but I got tricked by Irma...

first the projected path was up the East Coast, then the track shifted to the middle of the state, and finally when it did turn, came up the West that time, any chance of evacuation any distance would have been impossible as the north south corridor , Interstate 75 was bumper to bumper.... and had it stayed off shore I would have been in the North East quadrant, typically the strongest winds

luckily, she went ashore south of me, and had much of the wind knocked down to the 95mph range when it got to me, it could have been a major problem.... my frame home has gone 125mph sustained, but as I sat on the front porch at 2am and watched my palm tree bend, I thought it would be nice to have a CONEX box bolted to a foot thick foundation to ride the storm out in
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Not sure that a CONEX box is all that strong...