Two children missing on Burke Mountain found

Posted by: Teslinhiker

Two children missing on Burke Mountain found - 05/20/19 05:03 PM

News of a successful rescue of a 6 and 7 year old sister and brother that were left on a mountain overnight after they and their dad fell down a steep cliff into a creek bed. The dad had to make a very difficult decision to leave the kids to climb back up the cliff and seek help. Three SAR groups were called out last night and earlier this morning, they managed to make voice contact with the kids and successfully rescue them.

Not really sure why their dad would take his young children that far up the mountain and probably off the main trail. It is a very popular mountain with trail systems and I have been up there many times in years past, but danger can lurk and smack you when least expected.

Google Map link. Munro Lake is the body of water in the middle of the map.
Posted by: hikermor

Re: Two children missing on Burke Mountain found - 05/21/19 01:23 PM

Too bad Dad did not build a fire or equip his kids with whistles. Things like that make recovery much quicker and smoother.