Breathing protection

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Breathing protection - 11/28/18 03:43 PM

Got one of these masks at work:

Have not used it but seems to be a really good idea. With the fires and such... not that anyone around here would ever get pepper sprayed! I found some on-line and they seem to run about 10 bucks or so and would (in my mind) be better than the N95 mask.

Paul -
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Re: Breathing protection - 11/28/18 06:37 PM

The mask doesn't seem to carry a NIOSH rating.... I wonder why?
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Re: Breathing protection - 11/28/18 07:13 PM

Sticking a square thing to your face and hope for a proper seal seems to bit optimistic. Even the image with that officer seems like badly photoshopped.

Even with proper masks, the fit is really important. Companies with proper OSHA procedures will let their employee's test fit masks with a stimulant to make sure the user gets the correct mask that works for them.

In all cases, masks without overpressure (blower or SCBA) requires a properly shaved faced.
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Re: Breathing protection - 11/28/18 07:48 PM

I’m sticking with standard N95 masks for ease of carry against particulates. The masks I have seal well enough for nuisance particulates (ie., you can breathe, but it’s not pleasant).

In situations where the air makes breathing more than a nuisance issue, a full-face respirator is available at home. Respirators have filter cartridges for particulates (N95), organic vapors, acid gas et al. My better half has a 3M full-face respirator which uses the same cartridges as my half-face respirator. I’m thinking about replacing my Sundström respirator with a 3M model simply to standardize filter cartridges. Keep the Sundström as a spare/back-up/loaner.
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Re: Breathing protection - 12/01/18 02:24 PM

I like (and have a few around) the N95 masks and really see the value of a respirator/cartridges and even better a full blown mask set up or even SCBA. The whole idea behind the Saber mask for me is easy, quick and available. I think having it as an alternative is really good. It is a very light, small and flat package and I can easily toss several in my car bag, office drawer and even in a 'cargo pocket' of my work pants. I'm going to get some additional supplies and just try them on and make sure they are workable for short term emergency use and play around with them to assess functionality for me.

If I'm going into something that I know I will need breathing/eye protection I'll have some thing a lot better than this - but for emergency 'didn't expect that today' sort of stuff this seem to fit my needs. Thanks one and all for the feedback and providing me with other factors to consider.

Paul -
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Re: Breathing protection - 12/02/18 09:15 PM

Particulates are one thing, dust mask works for that, give or take.
Buggies, N-95/100, should be fit tested, and stress tested. Can you exercise/sleep, with it on?
Fire, products of combustion (witches brew), super heated air, oxygen deficient> SCBA
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Re: Breathing protection - 12/03/18 04:05 PM

How Californians Are Breathing in the ‘New Abnormal’ of Epic Fires - NYT
Just making a fashion statement — Vogmask on Amazon
It looks like a reusable designer filter carrier/mask which uses disposable filter inserts. For $30+ you can buy a real respirator.