How I have sharpened a Machete

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How I have sharpened a Machete - 04/24/18 10:53 PM

In the field I use a Barsted File, be sure to push back against the edge to avoid filling the file teeth with metal. Same as you would for an axe. Then follow with a hockey puck stone in a circular pattern. Wear gloves to help prevent cuts. Works fine dry in my experience.

I have also used a silicone carbide sanding disk chucked in a drill to quickly take out large nicks.

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Re: How I have sharpened a Machete - 04/25/18 12:40 AM

Thank you. your post is much more informative that "that other one" (now locked).

A machete question. About twenty-five years ago, I had the pleasure of caving in Oaxaca. while there, I acquired a typical machete and scabbard in the marketplace. , a brand which seemed very common then The brand was a Collins (definitely common in Oaxaca), but I do not see the brand mentioned in current discussions. Are they still around??
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Re: How I have sharpened a Machete - 07/25/19 03:40 PM

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Re: How I have sharpened a Machete - 07/26/19 02:36 AM

hikermore... I had a Collins (US GI) marked 1944, but was stolen from my car... I replaced it with a much thinner blade Collins SA made in Guatemala, but that was probably in the mid 1990s, it has been shortened to 14" and added a clip point... I currently use a Tramontina Bolo for brush trimming... Tramontina cutlery is much more common in this part of Florida
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Re: How I have sharpened a Machete - 09/24/19 05:21 AM

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