Hello Preppers.

Posted by: sybert777

Hello Preppers. - 03/10/13 04:34 AM

Hi, everybody. I am returning after an extensive hiatus and was just curious as to what is new. That's all.
Posted by: UTAlumnus

Re: Hello Preppers. - 03/10/13 06:32 AM

Welcome back! Pull a log up to the fire.
Posted by: Phaedrus

Re: Hello Preppers. - 03/10/13 06:36 AM

Hey, kiddo! I was wondering what became of you! How have you been? Been getting any wilderness time in?
Posted by: bacpacjac

Re: Hello Preppers. - 03/10/13 10:15 AM

Welcome back, Sybert!
Posted by: wildman800

Re: Hello Preppers. - 03/10/13 02:02 PM

Bout time you showed up! Here's a beer and a log. Tell us about your absence.
Posted by: MoBOB

Re: Hello Preppers. - 03/11/13 01:22 AM

Well, since you asked:

1) I started another Master's degree program. I am "attending" St. Cloud State University online for the M.A in English with an emphasis in Teaching English as a Second Language.

2) I am still not prepared for anything as well as I should be.

3) I bought a house.

How about you?
Posted by: sybert777

Re: Hello Preppers. - 03/25/13 11:11 PM

Sorry for the late reply, guys (and girls). I have not had any time to go out amd just enjoy nature, I have been moving all over the place. I also lost the prepper side of me. I have lost so many survival supplies throughout moving, and I need to purchase more, when I have a job. I am trying to get my prepper side back together, I don't know what happened, I just stopped prepping. smirk