FREE Benchmade Sharpener with Doug's RSK Knives

Posted by: Doug_Ritter

FREE Benchmade Sharpener with Doug's RSK Knives - 03/09/11 02:49 PM

As most of you know, my RSK knives are almost never available at a discount, but occasionally there is some sort of special deal. Today is one of those times.

Get a FREE Benchmade Field Sharpener, a $24.95 value, when you order one or more Doug Ritter RSK knives (excluding the RSK Mk5). Limited availability, so get 'em while still available.

Go to:

Follow the instructions exactly if you want the free sharpener!

Note, I would not recommend this sharpener as your primary means to sharpen one of my RSK knives; it will not put a fine edge on a blade. But, it's a nearly foolproof field sharpener and for any lesser knife steel, doesn't do too bad a job at all.

As always, a portion of the sale goes to support the Equipped To Survive Foundation and this web site.