the jute firebag

Posted by: kevingg

the jute firebag - 03/08/11 04:52 PM

..this is a jute fire bag I made that was knitted to hold an altoids tin. I have a fire kit in mine (hence the name). Lots and lots of jute that could be burned in a true emergency too. note the paracord for button closure (chines button knot) and belt loops. knitting is easy, I learned on the lion yarn website!

Posted by: 6pac

Re: the jute firebag - 03/08/11 10:09 PM

Nice, but I really like the paracord belt. Is the belt one solid piece?
Posted by: kevingg

Re: the jute firebag - 03/09/11 02:15 AM

thanks! not a single strand; that weave is comprised of 11 working strands.