Posted by: JohnE

"JuiceBags" - 06/30/08 07:33 PM

Anyone have any experience or seen this line of solar cell equipped back packs?

I took a quick look at one of them yesterday, they seem like a pretty well made bag that includes a solar cell array that is hooked up to a cigarette lighter type of plug into which you can plug 12v rechargeable devices, ie, cell phones, ipods, etc.

They're not the cheapest pack around but I was intrigued with the notion.

Anyone have an opinion?

I was thinking for use as an EDC bag for the more urban among us it might be pretty handy.

John E
Posted by: climberslacker

Re: "JuiceBags" - 06/30/08 08:46 PM

no, but my friend has a solar cell backpack made by someone else and says it works great!
Posted by: SirJoel

Re: "JuiceBags" - 07/01/08 12:26 PM

I was looking at these yesterday. Their website says they are on sale.

I am keen on getting some type of solar recharger for my laptop. It contains all sorts of useful PDFs about survival that I would love to be able to take with and use if the SHTF. Also a good source of music and entertainment when camping if I knew the battery could be charged.

I would appreciate hearing the other board members reviews for charging/using laptops with these.
Posted by: paulr

Re: "JuiceBags" - 07/02/08 09:36 AM

Those things get discussed on CPF now and then. They're technically cool but my conclusion is always that they're not worth the weight. For urban or vehicle use a conventional charger makes more sense (powered by AC or 12V). For outdoor use, just how much electrical stuff do you want to power, anyway? Obvious candidates: 1) flashlight, an AAA powered one will run 8+ hours with enough light to walk around by (some of them also have high-powered settings that come in handy; 2) GPS, Garmin Geko again runs around 8 hours(?) on two AAA's; 3) FM radio/music player, Sandisk Sansa M200 series runs 10+ hours on one AAA. If you're a little bit careful the four AAA's total should last many days. A spare set is under 2 ounces. Yes you'll eventually need more and/or a way to charge your existing ones, but you'll also eventually need food, and batteries aren't that hard to come by.