Thoughts on this knife?

Posted by: Pablo

Thoughts on this knife? - 01/31/08 02:08 PM

This came up on BladeForums, and is a new company established by two of the knifemakers there. I really like the D2 and ruggedness of this knife, but it would be nice to get the price down $50 or so.

The ability to customize is a plus though, but I'm not sure I'd need or want to swap out the handles, and I think I'd see that as a minus versus something I didn't have to worry about working loose.

I do like the kydex sheath though.

Posted by: paramedicpete

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 01/31/08 02:19 PM

Not trying to hijack your thread.

However, I think for the money you would be better off with the RSK Mk3 Fixed Blade knife.

Posted by: benjammin

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 01/31/08 02:45 PM

Yes, for that price I would much rather have something made from INFI steel. Far more durable and resale value gauranteed, plus you can't beat their warranty.

Whatever floats your boat, though. It does look like a most suitable knife, just a bit expensive.
Posted by: BillLiptak

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 01/31/08 02:47 PM

Nice looking knife all in all. Being able to customize it a little is a bonus. As far liking it 50 bucks cheaper, who wouldn't like any knife they could get in their paws for 50 bucks less....
Bottom line is if you like it, get it. Then be sure to tell us all how it performs for you.

-Bill Liptak
Posted by: jmarkantes

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 01/31/08 07:49 PM

That looks like a very useful, classic blade. I like it. I really like some of the options available too, especially the slotted handle screws and not torx or something odd.

There are more affordable knives out there, but having all those options right from the maker without going so far as making your own knife is pretty freakin cool.

Looks nice!
Posted by: Themalemutekid

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 01/31/08 10:10 PM

Looks good...I like it.
Posted by: Stretch

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/01/08 12:40 AM

It's not a new design. That's Scott Tanguay's knife and he has been selling them for awhile. He's just starting a new venture with a guy and I guess they're just "re"-marketing it. It's a super-nice knife, I think, even though I haven't ever handled one.

Isn;t it going to go for approximately $200? As nice as it is, I'd agree that the Mk3 is a better deal for the money.... quite a bit better.
Posted by: falcon5000

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/01/08 12:50 AM

+1 on INFI steel, definably if your going to spend the money get a Buse knife.

And if have questions on the superiority of these knives, check out this: (Alot of people hate the site but it's entertainment)
If you hate this site or object to it, then don't click below:
Posted by: sodak

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/01/08 01:03 AM

I like D2 on knives this size, it takes a great edge and holds it for a very long time. For the money, I'd either go with a Dozier or a Krein. Both are proven knife makers in D2, and are masters at their craft.

I also like INFI, and 52100 for most outdoor uses, though. YMMV.
Posted by: Stu

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/01/08 01:26 AM

Looks very close to a Bark River Knife and Tool Bravo-1, which has been out quite a while.
Posted by: Bear_Claw_Chris_Lapp

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/01/08 03:29 AM

That was the first thing that went through my mind when I saw that picture, BRK&T Bravo-1.

Posted by: Taurus

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/01/08 04:42 AM

Pablo - I had a knife very similar to this one. They are good sturdy knives. The only p$%s off I had was the little C shaped cut at the bottom back of the cutting edge. mad I have no idea why some knives have this cutout but it serves only to snag in just about everything.
Posted by: porkchop

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/02/08 12:52 PM

That thing is the spitting image of the BRK&T Bravo-1.
Looks like a sturdy little field knife.

I'm with Taurus on the little notch at the back of the blade. The knife will snag .
Posted by: Leigh_Ratcliffe

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/02/08 03:31 PM

I keep on comparing these fancy custom knives to the Fallkniven's (F1), Coldsteels (Master Hunter) and Buck knives (692T) and going "No, Thank you."
Posted by: Art_in_FL

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/02/08 03:45 PM

You hold it in your hand and presumably it will cut.

Pretty much the reason for being, and definition of, a knife. What more do you want?

You could likely get similar cutting performance for a lot less money. But there is the human factor. It is not just a knife. It is going to be Your knife and it is fairly important that it works well for you, that you like it and and that you have some level of confidence in it. So the 'lowest bidder meeting the minimum requirement' approach may not be the best way.

How much more your willing to spend to bridge the difference between 'what works' and what works for you is entirely a decision between you, your self-image and, your wallet.

IMO there are perfectly functional and useful knives out there for $10 and up depending on size, name brand and features.

Many of our ancestors got by in much tougher times than we are likely to see with some pretty marginal blades. For every Jim Bowie masterpiece or knife forged and ground out in a workmanlike manner by a craftsman there were thousands of knives crudely hacked out of any available material and pressed into use. If you try you can find knives that are nearly useless today, often stamped out of stainless only suitable for soup spoons, but as long as you avoid the no-name producers and discount flea market knives it is pretty hard to find one that doesn't have some merits.

The general quality of steel used and craftsmanship applied has risen steadily over the last thirty years. Used to be the market was flooded with cheap Indian and Bangladeshi knock-offs of buck knives selling for about $5. Sometimes as low as $2. Now for not much more than that price, usually about $10, you can find a functional model made of a perfectly serviceable steel.

IMHO the sweet spot, where you get the most knife for the least amount of money, for a functional fixed-blade knife with a roughly 4" blade is about $50. Sometimes a bit more or less.

You can spend a lot more but, for the most part, your not buying function. Your buying a name or serving a psychological need for style or uniqueness, imagined reliability or capability. Nothing wrong with that as long as you can afford the indulgence and your aware of what is driving you.

I have seen people spend a load of money on a knife that becomes something of a signature. Many an otherwise gray functionary has set himself apart by being the guy with the custom blade. As long as they can afford to buy it without neglecting something else, or thinking it makes them special, I'm unconcerned and happy that they like their knife.

Unfortunately in this consumerist society a lot of people try to buy skill by buying the higher dollar tool. They overlook that the performance and effectiveness of a tool largely comes from the hand holding it. I have seen remarkable feats of field craft done with a $7 Boyscout knife and I have seen high dollar custom knives so ineptly handled that they were a detriment to getting anything done and a hazard to everyone around them.

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/02/08 03:47 PM

Personally my ceiling for just about any knife purchase is $99.

It sound ridiculous compared to most of the knives you folks generally recommend but I've never spent more than that on a knife and some of my favorites were as cheap as $35.
Posted by: BHShaman

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/04/08 01:49 PM

This thread is an interesting read.
* 1/3 saying to buy a less expensive knife.
* 1/3 saying to spend more and by a Busse.
* 1/3 saying an alternative with different dimensions at same price is a better deal.
((same price for same approximate style seems like a fair and equal comparison.))
- Couple saying, "buy what pleases you".

Here is their blog...
It shows you were the cost comes in.
Every part is worked by hand at some point.
Even the pins.

disclaimer: I'm the webmaster, so I am a bit biased.
But, the "Buy what pleases you" comment echoes with me.
Personally, I like that they are actually crafting every part.
To me it makes it much more of a custom knife to me than some of the alternatives at the same price point.

Have a great day.
Posted by: Jackal

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/04/08 04:06 PM

i went for a knife that felt good in my hand that i liked the looks of and was at a good price. i went for a massed produced knife from gerber the harsey hunter. gerber have stopped making this knife so i stocked up abit on spares smile
not to everyones tastes but my choices where somewhat limited by both my location and price.

cough cough i have 2 more coming i managed to pickup off of ebay
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/04/08 05:55 PM

I think the 'what pleases you' theory is the safest one. We each have our preferences ranging from an $8 Mora to several hundred dollars of custom made, hand polished, cutlery.

After reading Jackal's post (I'm jealous BTW. I've love to have a dozen of those around!) I realize that price really doesn't have anything to do with it...despite my previous comments.

If you like the knife (including how it works/feels), and are willing to trust your life to it should things come to that, and you're willing to pay regardless of how many zero's are on the tag, then it's a good knife for you.

Now there are always caveats to this as the uneducated person might gravitate to the cheapest hollow handled survival knife on the shelf and 'like it' for the wrong reasons but education is the responsibility of the consumer...buyer beware and all that jazz. We're all here because we take the time to learn and research things so I doubt that would even apply to anybody who would take the time to log into a site such as this one.

I for one am going to stop talking about price when I talk about's hard for me to do...because I'm a cheapskate. And that doesn't mean I'm going to stop buying inexpensive knives...because I'm a cheapskate. It's just too easy to equate how good a knife is with how much it costs. The last time I was telling somebody that I only paid $34 for my Buck 119 Special new (a $75+ knife up here normally), the person immediately assumed it was a fake, knockoff, or a 'special' special made with substandard meterials and sold cheaper than a 'real''s just how a lot of people think. Why bring it up if it's just going to complicate things? I know I'm going to avoid it from now on.
Posted by: BHShaman

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/04/08 06:25 PM

Buck knives are the everyman knife for sure.
Who can buy an American made 110 equivalent for as little as they can sell them for. They must be a lead loss to get people into the specialty steel versions from LLBean, Cabelas, and BassPro.

I know they suckered me in when I loved the 102 and had to get a 802SS for the S30V. Will it do any job better that the 4XXHC? probably not. But I like the steel better and don't mine the cost compared to how long I'll own it. wink

Glad to see a forum with friendly conversations!!!
Posted by: wildman800

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/04/08 06:57 PM

It "looks" like a very nice knife BUT, I've used one Buck 110 since 1979 and although the locking function is shot (worn out), I know what it can do and how it feels in my hand is good.

The latest and greatest is not always the best route, using the tools that you know best is more important, IMHO.
Posted by: dougwalkabout

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/04/08 07:33 PM

I agree wholeheartedly -- those cutouts are a serious pain. That's the first thing I noticed about this knife. And this is for people who are going to be handling lines and such? Uh-uh.

If I understand correctly, these notches hold the blade in a jig as it is being ground. It is possible to carefully file the notch to a 45 degree angle that's sharpened. But a custom knife-maker should do that for you.

My other concern is that the handle looks like a blister-maker. A little sandpaper will help with the hard edges on the scales; but if that exposed pommel/lanyard attachment piece is anywhere near your pinky while you're doing woodcraft, you're going to curse it over and over.

Just my 2 cents' worth.
Posted by: dchinell

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/04/08 10:58 PM

I believe the notch is to facilitate even sharpening of the edge.

It eliminates the chamfer or shoulder between the primary bevel and the ricasso area. A flat stone would ride up on this shoulder and consequently grind too heavily on the other edge of the stone.

I insist on having the notch (correctly placed) on all my knives.

Posted by: Taurus

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/04/08 11:35 PM

If I understand correctly, these notches hold the blade in a jig as it is being ground.

I believe the notch is to facilitate even sharpening of the edge.

Interesting. Iíve often wondered what that G*******d, stupid, annoying little f****** notch was for..... I had thought it was there for the annoyance and inconvenience of the user.

I use my knifes extensively at work for cutting heavy strapping, sheets of hessian etc and as I try and slide the blade under the material it binds up in that little notch every time.(actually cut myself good because of it once). Every knife I use that had this notch has had an appointment with my dremmel tool or a bench grinder to get rid of it, and I will avoid buying knives with them now........stupid notch mad
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/05/08 06:17 AM

Okay don't shoot me for beating this one to death but I noticed 2 more knives which are very similar looking but one is custom and one is not.

Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife and Chris Reeve's Pacific.

Obviously different steel, blade grinds, scales, etc but very similar looking.
Posted by: Jackal

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/05/08 01:51 PM

the big rock is a good knife i picked up acouple to compare to the harsey hunter the blade is 4.5" made of 440a steel price is good can be picked up off ebay cheap

evil grin in Hacksaws direction
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/05/08 04:07 PM

I already have a Big Rock. It's a solid knife but I like my Freeman S30V Hunter better so the Big Rock lives in one of my car kits now.
Posted by: Jackal

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/05/08 04:40 PM

@$£%^~? Hacksaw he has me buying a Freeman S30V now
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/05/08 05:10 PM

It took me forever to get the right edge on it (S30V is so tough!) but once I did I totally fell in love with it.

I've only ever seen them for sale at Cabela's...I think they're exclusive.
Posted by: Jackal

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/05/08 07:06 PM

have seen it at several online stores but none that inspired me to order from them so ordering from Cabela's as they have a good rep. now all i have to worry about is getting shafted with import duty
Posted by: BHShaman

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/26/08 07:46 PM

Updated Pictures:

Watch the Process
Posted by: Jackal

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 02/26/08 08:04 PM

thanks for the update pictures they are good looking blades
Posted by: BHShaman

Re: Thoughts on this knife? - 05/11/08 02:05 AM

I got mine in a short bit ago.
Knife is wickedly sharp. Arm hair popping.
Fits well in the hand, and allows strong grip.
I think they are sold out now though.
And they did a second knife, which is sold out as well.

Pictures of mine (trying to get better at knife photography):

Several reviews on Bladeforums from more experienced folks than I.

Love the forums here, but pretty much a lurker.
See yah' around.